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Green roof and island days

Spring has finally arrived and I have been busy… Work, work, work and even a little fun! Have to show you this green roof that we’ve just finished laying down. Here it is half done.

I managed to get a stomach bug, so lifting the 50kg sections of soil and sedum was pretty exhausting. But I had great help from two strong guys who were on the roof laying it right, whilst my dad and I did the ground work. Sedum is great as a green roof, they are little leaf succulents so don’t require much maintenance (no mowing for example) once installed. And they do come in pretty handy sections so it wasn’t too hard to handle for two. Really pleased with the results! More pics to come of the house further on, we might even finish it this summer:)

The sedum squares delivered on pallets to a nearby rock. Lucky there is a man with a crane on a boat nearby…


We (as in them) pulled the sections up to roof height on a home made construction made of two boards and half a pallet. We did offer safety gear I would like to add. Unfortunately we couldn't make them wear it. Much relief when it was done and everyone safe.

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