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15 minute (ehh almost…) princess bed

Here’s an easy peasy way to make your little one happy when she asks for a princess bed and you have neither time nor inclination to go to the shops.

I used a piece of netting from ikea, but you could use any sheer fabric. You will also need two old hangers, some scrap fabric, glue and a hook. Cut off the hook on one hanger and wrap fabric around both of them.

Tie them together forming a cross, and drape fabric over. Hang a hook from the ceiling, if you need to adjust the height use some string or ribbon. I thought I might collect some pretty things like butterflies, stars or flowers to hang from the hangers a bit like a mobile….
Our weekend place is coming together slowly but surely. The girls have a mini bedroom each, which is more than they have in town. So far though they refuse to sleep in separate rooms but perhaps this will do the trick?!

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