Childhood nostalgia

My grandparents had the cutest little summer cottage in the north of Sweden. These days many of the neighbours are bulldozing the little houses in favour of pre-fab family homes that in my backward view are pretty ugly… Luckily my aunt has the good taste of keeping it as it should be- a bit wonky, very original and totally adorable!








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2 thoughts on “Childhood nostalgia

  1. Very adorable indeed! And a niece who not only sees the beauty in this (and many other overlooked things) – but keeps tradition alive in her very own way! The world of good old taste is thus not lost at all – and today is richer for it. I am very glad to know you!!
    Hugs, Heike

    • Åsa

      Likewise Heike!!! I bet Switzerland is gorgeous too this time of year… We are driving down south on little windy roads on the “High Coast” of Sweden. Lots of little building on hillsides next to lakes that remind us of your part of the world:)

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