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The blue cupboard

Happy New Year! Time is flying and I have a new job…. After many years of being my own boss I’m rather excited that it is for a large company with lots of new colleagues. It’s a department store, and my new office is behind a shop floor so no doubt there will be posts about their lush home wares…

Anyway, back to my latest DIY project! I finally got the old cupboard painted and here it is.

I bought it this summer as a cupboard for sweaters and cardigans. It was white and a bit beat up from the ride on the trailer to Stockholm. The blue brings out the colour of the fifties lampshades I posted earlier. I think the bedroom is getting there, but I’m still looking for the right retro sideboard and it is proving tricky to find…
By the way, the girls helped me make a little charm for the cupboard key. We used old beads, some leather string and other random bits and pieces.

Going outside now, it’s -19!!! Wish me luck…

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