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Rocky road pig out

So Christmas is over… But not the holiday! We are watching films and eating treats like there is no tomorrow (or new year!). I wanted to share one of the best recipes this Christmas. Rocky Road, it’s so easy to make with the kids and big kids love it too. My ingredients change depending on what’s in the larder. Use your yummiest stuff and make it your own classic! Great as a little gift in a jar or left over tin.

You will need:
400 grams of chocolate (I use 50/50 milk and dark)
a tea mug full of mixed salted nuts (yes, salted, trust me on this…)
5 digestive biscuits (I sometimes use rice crispies)
1/2 mug of mini marshmallows
1 mug of sweets (think soft things like fudge. Fruity things work if they are soft enough.)

Melt the chocolate, either in a metal bowl over a pan of simmering water or gently in the microwave. Break up the biscuits, roughly chop your other ingredients. Line a small tin with grease proof paper (I use a small square roasting tin from the 99p shop). Poor in the mixture, sprinkle some hundreds and thousands over it if you like and leave it to set in room temperature. Cut into small squares and enjoy!

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Present for the teacher…

Merry Christmas or “God Jul” as we say in Sweden 🙂

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Make your own Swedish roller blind!

Made these for the sitting room, and they were actually easy-ish to make… The style was popular in Swedish homes from the 18th century, and I think they suit my mix of old and new.



You will need:
-Piece of fabric that covers the window plus extra for folding an edge around and at top and bottom
-2 leather straps and curtain rings that fit onto them (they would have been glass originally, but metal ones would look nice. I only had plastic but that still looks fine).
-piece of edging strip or similar for the top of the blind
-a round wooden stick to roll the fabric onto
-string (the strong, thin kind used for roman blinds). Measure the height of the window and multiply it by 6 to give you an idea of how long it needs to be.
-a cleat to tie the string to when the blind is rolled up
-screws, screwdriver, drill, and the famous staple gun I love to use…

I made my two over a couple of evenings, so it doesn’t take that long but it is a bit fiddly if you’re new to DIY… This is how you do it:

-Hem the side edges of the fabric, remembering to fold in the raw edge of the fabric as the back will show when the blind is rolled up. No need to hem top and bottom.
-Roll a little of the bottom of the fabric onto the round timber piece and staple in place.

-Now make two holes in the timber you are using at the top to help you later when you are attaching the blind to your window frame. The holes should be where you want your string, about a quarter of the distance from the edges. Tie the edge of the string around the timber close to the hole. Do this for both sides and secure with a staple.
Fold the fabric over the top of the timber, and either secure it with staples (if you are not going to want to wash the curtains very often), or just a couple of invisible pins like I did. Securing them only with pins had the added benefit of being easy to adjust when you fix the blind to the wall. Remember, if you accidentally don’t have a perfect 90 degree angle at the top corners the blind will be wonky, but that is easy to adjust if you have a nice patient helper to hold it up whilst you adjust the pins (a miserable husband will do to).

-Thread the ring onto the leather straps, if you make them a bit shorter than mine they shouldn’t pull towards the middle so much. By the way I punched holes in the leather to help the screw go through. Now attach to the window frame or wall, checking that everything is nice and straight.

-Thread the string. Starting from the back at the top where you tied it, running down, up the front, through the ring (and through the other ring for the far side) and down to the cleat.
-First few times you will need to help it along to roll tightly, but it will be easier when the fabric “gets used to it”.
Good luck!!


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Ceiling light trio

I wanted to do something fun with the lights in the kids room. What I had in mind was something that was reminiscent of lollipops…

My sister had some old lamp shades lying around in the cellar. I had a couple of nights in front of the telly sewing on new fabric. It was easier than I thought, and good thing is you can’t see the bad stitching when the light is in the ceiling…

Tricky bit was the electrics. Luckily I found a ceiling cup that had a junction box built in. It’s the one with three holes at the top left in the picture. I used a few old lamp parts, but I’m sure it’s easier (and safer?) to just go and buy what you need. Anyway, it was so much fun to hang them up, and luckily they work!!!




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