Headboard and retro lamps

After weeks of hunting for a headboard, I’ve given up and made one (again!). I wanted one to fit in with the sort of mid century thing I was going for now that I’m in Sweden… But no, all the headboards look the same. I’ve made quite a few before, for myself and clients, so really it should be easy… Or so I thought. I need a new staple gun!!!

This was really a case of using up old rubbish. My sister was throwing away a couple of duvets, so I used them as padding. For best results, go online and by 30-50mm foam to fit your chipboard or mdf back (get this cut to size at the builders yard). The foam company can shamfer (I think it’s called) the edges slightly, i e trim away a bit to give a more rounded edge. Don’t try to do that yourself. Cutting foam is frustrating and uneven business;)
Now sandwich the foam in between the mdf/chipboard and some wadding (to give you a softer look) and fabric of your choice. Now to the tricky bit. You need to pull it tight, but not too tight or the edges look bumpy. This is where a good staple gun will become your new friend, or as in my case, enemy… The main thing is to take your time and have a cup of coffee when you feel like giving up. There were a few in my case, but I’m happy to have a headboard now, and it only cost me about £35. Surely that means that when I see my dream headboard out there I can buy it with a clear conscience!

Bought the 50s lamp shades in a retro shop around the corner.


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2 thoughts on “Headboard and retro lamps

  1. This looks really cosy & the lampshades are simply stunning. Lovely to see the botanical charts and the cute bedside tables! Where can I get a good staple gun? Mine is quite useless and quite a dangerous enemy! Hugs, Heike

    • Åsa Stace

      Thanks:) Found some good looking ones on amazon, but they don’t post to Sweden so I’m still stuck…

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