All things green

So, after a little holiday, and quite a bit more illness, I’m back on the mission to sort out the flat before Christmas! I love green, and the flat has a crazy Viking stove.

When we moved in, the walls were a bit orange, which brought out the green of the stove in all the wrong ways. It looked fluorescent! We painted the panelling grey/green (should have been brave and gone darker!!!), and now the stove (“kakelugn” as it’s called) blends in better for me. But me being me I didn’t stop there. I bought this crazy sofa…

I will show you the rest another day when it’s all not covered in rubbish;) And yes, I painted that table…. Need to start on some blinds for the windows now. After a cup of coffee or three…

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One thought on “All things green

  1. heikehalsinger

    Hello there – sorry you were sick but good tp hear you are back in fighting form! A lot of good things spring from that as I can see… Love the panelling & the colour; it’s beautiful!! Any darker and the stove might have glowed again! 🙂 Love the sofa, very Josef Frank…! Hugs, Heike

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