Made up bread

Gave Mormor Kerstin’s old Electrolux assistant a run for its money today.

It works! What the whisk is for I don’t know as it doesn’t fit in the bowl, but the other parts did and that was the important bit for the bread…
Mixed half a packet of fresh yeast with almost two pints of water, a little syrup, some porridge oats and wholemeal flour into a porridge consistency. Then I left it for most of the day on the kitchen counter…. When I got back it was bubbling away, I like to call it mock sour dough;) Anyway, got the Electrolux spinning and added 2 tsp salt, a good glugg of oil and enough strong flour to make it a dough. Proved it again, then stuck it in tins and left it whilst I made dinner. It was then ready for the oven where it baked to 95 degrees c.

It came out really well this time I think. I like not using a recipe, but it’s a bit of a gamble. The nice thing about using less yeast and leaving it longer is that the bread is much more delicious. A very good baker taught me that this summer and it’s true!

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One thought on “Made up bread

  1. Alle

    Åsa, just read all your posts! I haven’t seen you now for 11 days so I needed to… Lovely!

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