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Made up bread

Gave Mormor Kerstin’s old Electrolux assistant a run for its money today.

It works! What the whisk is for I don’t know as it doesn’t fit in the bowl, but the other parts did and that was the important bit for the bread…
Mixed half a packet of fresh yeast with almost two pints of water, a little syrup, some porridge oats and wholemeal flour into a porridge consistency. Then I left it for most of the day on the kitchen counter…. When I got back it was bubbling away, I like to call it mock sour dough;) Anyway, got the Electrolux spinning and added 2 tsp salt, a good glugg of oil and enough strong flour to make it a dough. Proved it again, then stuck it in tins and left it whilst I made dinner. It was then ready for the oven where it baked to 95 degrees c.

It came out really well this time I think. I like not using a recipe, but it’s a bit of a gamble. The nice thing about using less yeast and leaving it longer is that the bread is much more delicious. A very good baker taught me that this summer and it’s true!

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Sixties Drawers


Bought a mid century modern chest of drawers for the bedroom. Very cheap, and a little beat up round the edges but I like it… Used half a tub of furniture polish to get the scuffs off and it made a huge difference. Husband thinks it’s horrid though…

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Cider trials

Every year my parents have a surplus of apples at the holiday house on the island. This year we thought we might try to make cider out of it. Picked two ikea bags full and took them to a cooperative apple press (Rosenhill in Ekerö).



It came to 25 litres of juice! The cider pro manning the press said the apples were a bit tasteless:/ Apparently it’s due to a rainy and cold summer. Never mind, let’s see if we can learn how to do it this year and we can improve next year… I put some brewers yeast in the juice and bought a little air vent that goes on top of the bottle to release pressure. That was a few days ago and now it’s started bubbling away:)

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Kitchen spruce up

We have been in the new flat for a few weeks, and finally I’m ready to show some pics of what I’ve been getting on with. Starting with my favourite room, the kitchen. Here’s what it looked like…


I liked the old cupboards, but there was too little workspace, the fridge inside the tall unit was tiny, and the old kitchen entrance had not been blocked properly. Here’s what we did.


First the walls were repainted and the floors sanded all over the flat. I chose to go for a practical stain and varnish rather than the industrial wax that everyone in Sweden likes. I don’t want to top up wax after a few months… Anyway, in front of the old door I had a lovely handyman put up some plasterboard that I painted, then he built me a little open wall unit. He also put in a full size dishwasher for me, as there is probably no way for us without one. He tiled, using some metro tiles in cream that I brought with me from London (the removal guys didn’t thank me for that). I wanted the tiles higher behind the extractor fan, speaking of which I got the last one from IKEA in that model. Lucky me, I had wanted one for ages. Love the rounded edges! Bought a freestanding Siemens fridge and that is doing a great job. Finally the worktops were changed for an oak one (also IKEA… ), which matches the floors nicely. Pretty smug about it all. Will post some pics of the other side of the room soon… By the way, last pic is of my grandma’s old Electrolux assistant. It still works!!!

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